TLDR: Discasaurus become popular over the years, wasn't scaling properly on the website/backend, continued to cost more to operate. Operation renewal costs approached before being able to complete a total site overhaul and server upgrade (at much lower costs). Apps temporarily taken offline until all legacy course information, user accounts and scores have been imported into new server and website rebuild. Apps will be re-published to work with new API!

What's going on?

Welcome to the new Discasaurus website. It is empty, and all of the old site's data is safe and will be imported ASAP!

Chat with us on Facebook if you have any questions and please read the back story below.

The Discasaurus Team

  • iOS App | Joe
  • Android App | Dave
  • Website | Tyler

The Old Site

The old website was built in Drupal 6 and started sometime around 2009 or 2010. Captain Hindsight (Tyler) was able to help me (Tyler) determine that my usage of the Drupal 6 API was not scalable. As the Discasaurus community grew, our performance suffered and costs continued to grow with it.

The Old Server

The old server was a VPS without root access, so it was not an ideal home to bring Discasaurus into the future. Unfortunately, it's monthly cost has become a problem considering that we provide a free service, and always want it to be free. It's annual renewal price was due on September 25th, 2017 and did not make sense to keep paying a large sum of money when other options are available.

The New Server

A fully un-managed LAMP stack, an ideal home for Discasaurus' future, at a much lower cost.

The New Site

The new website is built in Drupal 8 and was started sometime in 2015-ish, and comes along with 8+ additional years of Drupal development experience. A large portion of the custom coding required to bring in all the Drupal 6 data into Drupal 8 is ready, but the score importer is the main routine that still needs to be written.

The Existing Mobile Apps

Joe and Dave have done a wonderful job in helping us collectively score over 1,500,000 holes of Disc Golf! The applications going offline have nothing to do with the applications that Dave and Joe have built, and has everything to do with the website/backend's scalability issues. Once all the old data is imported here into the new site, I will inform Dave and Joe of the necessary API updates, at which time they'll be able to update the apps and republish them to the app stores.

Now what?

  1. Migrate all existing courses, holes, layouts, users, scores, comments and photos into the new site.
  2. Publish new versions of the apps to work with the new API
  3. Play disc golf