New Server

We hope you enjoyed the summer, and now that fall is here we moved onto a new server. It's beefier, and is a fully un-managed instance so our development efforts are much more flexible now. Thank you all for your support and happy disc golfing to all!

Emergency updates applied

Hello Discasaurus Disc Golfers,

My apologies for the extreme amount of time since our last blog post. Life is good and busy, and disc golf is still really fun!

That being said, our web developer (me: Tyler) finally got around to applying some much needed updates to our website infrastructure. Perhaps it was today's ace (and that the wife and daughter went to visit the inlaws for the next few days) that allowed me to gather the energy and free time to apply these udpate to the site.

Welcome Android Disc Golfers

Hello Disc Golfers,

We are pleased to welcome Android Disc Golfers to the Discasaurus community!

If you haven't already, please give Discasaurus for Android a try by visiting Google Play.

As the summer winds down for 2012, the Discasaurus team will keep pushing forward to bring more awesomeness to the Disc Golf community.

iPhone App Walkthrough

Discasaurus for iPhone*:  Disc Golf Scorekeeping Done Right
If you have an iPhone… and you like disc golf (or live and breathe it), you are in the right place. This review will walk you through this innovative new app from start to finish. We're going to cover lots of features along the way so before you dive in, you may want to grab a refreshment.

Announcing Discasaurus for iPhone

Today is the day! The Discasaurus team is proud to present Discasaurus for iPhone, an innovative new score keeping system that's fast, and easy. In addition to lightning fast score keeping, Discasaurus comes with the following features:

  • Matching website with round history, favorites, and stats
  • Detailed course directory and layouts
  • Recent scores widget for your site
  • Score leaderboard for any course

Coming to a Smartphone Near You...

Hi, I'm Dave (the creative design/marketing strategy guy). Last Summer some friends of mine and I combined our considerable software development talents to create a mobile app for disc golf scoring called Discasaurus. We're getting ready for an official launch this Summer, but I figured now is a good time to tell folks how it's going so far.

Hello World

Now get out and play some disc golf.


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